Sonny Caberwal
Founder and CEO, Bond

Sonny is a global citizen. Whether he's lecturing on International Management at Munich Business School, creating the world's largest online retailer of Indian fashion, or advising various global companies on their innovation strategy, we would bet that he's probably dressed well. Maybe that's why he's also been a fashion model for Kenneth Cole and GQ. We can't promise he'll be dressed to the nines during his video chats, but we can confirm they will support the Sikh Coalition.

Likes to talk about
Mobile Devices
Business Development
Strategic Partnerships
Social Networking
Business Strategy
New Business Development
International Business
Sonny's Cause: Sikh Coalition
The Sikh Coalition is the nation's largest Sikh American civil rights organization dedicated to promoting civil and human rights for all people and building a nation where Sikhs can freely and fearlessly practice their faith. The Sikh Coalition was founded on the night of September 11, 2001 in response to a torrent of violent attacks against Sikh Americans. The Sikh Coalition works to end hate crimes, employment discrimination, school bullying, and racial profiling, by means of advocacy, education, litigation and community development.