Shana Dressler
Program Director, Google's 30 Weeks

Shana's mission to help train and nurture social change leaders is one that's dear to our hearts. She does this as this as Program Director of Google's 30 Weeks, an incubator for creatives. Prior to that, she founded the Social Innovators Collective, curriculum designer for the Makers Institute – the first non-degree bearing social good business school, renowned instructor at General Assembly, and creator/editor of the Social Good Guides. Now, she’s offering her wealth of knowledge through Greatest Good. And as an Aspen Institute Scholar, Delegate to the UN Global Accelerator, Webby Award judge and member of IADAS, she clearly knows her stuff. Sessions with Shana will support Kopernik.

Likes to talk about
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Enterprise
Social Innovation
Strategic Planning
Event Planning
Community Development
Marketing Strategy
Creative Problem Solving
Shana's Cause: Kopernik
Simple technologies like solar lanterns, water filters and clean cookstoves can transform lives in remote communities. Our co-founders, Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska, saw that affordable technologies like these existed, but they weren't reaching the last mile. They wanted to bridge the gap. They left a decade of service with the United Nations to launch Kopernik in 2010. We balance a philanthropic and business approach to distributing technology. Our donors fund the upfront costs of introducing technologies and creating micro-business opportunities in remote communities. The money raised from product sales is reinvested in more technology for the last mile. Our namesake, Nicolaus Copernicus, changed the way people see the world. Like Copernicus, we want Kopernik to be a catalyst for change.