Maxine Bédat
Co-Founder, Zady

We've never been to Swaziland, the African country where Maxine met a craftswoman whose story inspired her to launch The Bootstrap Project. But we're certainly not surprised Maxine has. While working for the United Nations, she put her Columbia Law Degree to work in Tanzania ensuring those responsible for the Rwanda genocide are prosecuted. The Bootstrap Project was born along the way, helping artisans around the world learn new skills that grow their businesses via trade, not aid. Now Maxine has co-founded Zady, the shopping and lifestyle platform for people who care about the origins of what they buy. Sessions with Maxine benefit-- who else?-- The Bootstrap Project.

Likes to talk about
Social Entrepreneurship
Lean Startup
Digital Strategy
Social Enterprise
International Relations
International Law
Social Media
Venture Capital
Maxine's Cause: The Bootstrap Project
The Bootstrap Project is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to create a sustainable platform to promote and retain centuries-old crafts and customs. By joining Bootstrap you allow artisans—who act as the catalyst for their whole communities—to take pride in their culture and end their own poverty. It’s trade not aid.