Kash Shaikh
Founder and CEO, #besomebody

Kash's upcoming book Bullshit: It's Time to Call Yourself Out is on our pre-order list for 2015 because, well, the title obviously-- but also because the author knows what he's talking about. Kash left both P&G and GoPro, where he was having incredible success doing global brand, communications and social marketing to create #besomebody. #Besomebody is the fastest growing and farthest reaching Motivational Movement in the world, with passion-centric content reaching more than 4 million people in over 180 countries every week. Now, Kash and his team are transforming that movement to a global platform that enables people to unleash their passions. Which is fitting because that's exactly what Kash did. Sessions with Kash will benefit Magic Bus USA.

Likes to talk about
integrated marketing
brand management
corporate communications
marketing communications
strategic communications
strategic partnerships
digital strategy
public relations
digital marketing
Kash's Cause: Magic Bus USA
Magic Bus is a non-profit organization that works towards creating equal opportunities for children and youth from vulnerable communities. Over the past 12 years, Magic Bus has used its unique "sport for development" approach to empower children and youth in making effective life choices in the areas of education, livelihood and leadership, health, and gender equality. Magic Bus will give millions of children living in poverty the opportunity to control the way they view the world, the freedom to choose the role they will play in it and the power to define their own destiny.