How It Works

Connect With Top Industry Advisors

Greatest Good is committed to building a community of experts from every industry. We carefully vet our Advisors and select those who have made an impact in their space. You can browse by Topic and learn more about Advisors from their profile pages. We're constantly onboarding new Advisors so check back often!

Book A Session

Booking an Advisor is easy: Simply click the "Book" button on an Advisor's profile page and submit a request. This information will then be sent to the Advisor, who can either accept or decline the request. For more on why a request may be declined, please refer to our FAQs. If the request has been accepted, the Advisor will reach out and both parties are free to begin coordinating a time to meet.

Engage and Learn, All While Helping Charity

Greatest Good runs on Google+ Hangouts and therefore requires all attendees to have a Google+ account. Before the start of the session, Advisors will log into their dashboard and click the "Start" icon to start the session and invite all other attendees. It's important to always use the designated Hangout URL so that we can confirm the session occurred and process the payment to charity.

Once the session is over, we hold the funds for 48 hours in case there is an issue. After that, the funds will be released to the designated charity.