Edward Boches
Professor of Advertising, Boston University

Like so many others, we were initially introduced to Edward via social media. One of the first ad agency creative executives to embrace the new digital platforms, he regularly shared his experience and knowledge via his blog Creativity Unbound and a popular Twitter feed. And he had plenty to share. As an early partner and 30-year veteran at Mullen, in positions that included chief creative officer and chief innovation officer, Edward was instrumental in shaping the agency’s culture, establishing its creative reputation, and ultimately leading its digital and social transformation. Today he’s onto career two as a full-time professor of advertising at Boston University’s College of Communication. Sessions with Edward will support Cycle Kids.

Likes to talk about
Creative Direction
Digital Strategy
Social Media
Brand Positioning Strategies
Brand Development
Business Strategy
Content Strategy
Creative Strategy
Edward's Cause: Cycle Kids
We believe the vital, simple, and captivating skill of riding a bike changes lives.The CYCLE Kids mission is to engage children in physical activity to address the health and emotional issues facing today’s under-active, often overweight, children. Our program is founded on the idea that good health is holistic: nutrition, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, and emotional well-being are all related facets of overall wellness. CYCLE Kids uses a comprehensive curriculum that teaches not just the skill of bicycling, but nutrition and literacy. The program fosters mentorships and builds community, empowering kids and giving them skills and lessons that endure a lifetime.